Fortnite ‘is one of the many Battle Royale games that came out in 2017. There is no way to ignore its popularity, taking the top spots on Twitch and being probably one of the most played games in recent history. But, why is it so popular? What does ‘Fortnite’ have other games of the same genre?

Although ‘Fortnite’ was born as a multiplayer survival game, it soon ventured to create its Battle Royale mode. Not without some controversy with Bluehole, since Epic Games, the developers of ‘Fortnite’, are also responsible for the Unreal graphics engine that uses ‘Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds’. Speculations on an alleged conflict of interests have been running rivers of ink for months. Is it possible that a “copy” exceeds the original?

Attracting the casual player

Fortnite ‘houses everything a casual player needs to enjoy a game. A Free to play model that makes sure there is no risk when trying it is the cornerstone of the entire project. But this is not the only thing that appeals to the bulk of players.

The mechanics of the game are simpler and oriented to a less involved audience. A new player does not have to learn how the accessories affect the weapons, the bullet fall at distances greater than 100 meters, there is no bleeding mechanism, find weapons in ‘Fortnite’ is simple, and know how good (or rare) ) are not required to play 120 hours since they are classified in colors.

But the real difference between ‘Fortnite’ and its competitors is the power to build. It may seem trivial at first, but it is a mechanism that affects the unique perception of the matches, creating opportunities to change the environment, making each game different. You can have a fight in the same area on consecutive days, but depending on how you build, you can do a thousand things. Use traps, rockets, camouflage or propel and make the airshot of your life are some of the possibilities.

The diversity in the way you play the game is something present in other Battle Royale, for example, in ‘PUBG’ you have access to vehicles, and not all matches are the same, but mostly you always end up depending on the game pattern to aim, shoot, kill and win. This is not bad, especially from the point of view of the most demanding players looking for a consistent gameplay, but for the casual player is much more attractive a diverse gameplay that makes each game experience look unique. His departure on mobile is proof of his commitment to casualization.

Technical accessibility

If reducing the price of the game to zero already opened the range of possible players, ‘Fortnite’ has fewer system requirements than other games of the same genre and technically today works better both locally (graphically requires fewer resources for operate at 60 fps), as at the network level.

Although ‘PUBG’ has more servers in different locations, and both games work using Amazon services, the tickrate (number of times the server refreshes the information per second) is slightly better in the case of ‘Fortnite’ , resulting in a smaller delay since you shoot, move or take damage, until the action is executed. It is approximately 30% lower in the ‘Fortnite’ than in ‘PUBG’.

In short, ‘Fortnite’ works better than ‘PUBG’ and there are players who simply do not want to deal with packet loss and lack of response from Bluehole servers, although both titles still have a huge road ahead if they want to match games as ‘Overwatch’, or ‘CS: GO’ in this aspect. Especially considering that both work worse at the beginning of the game in this aspect, and little by little they improve as there are fewer connected users.

Explosion on Twitch

Fortnite ‘also owes part of its success to the creators of content, since it is being the most watched game of the last dates, unseating’ League of Legends’ from the first place on a regular basis week after week since February.

In Twitch, the audience of ‘Fortnite’ is more focused on specific personalities, such as Ninja or Dr Disrespect, than in other games, maintaining 36% of the hours of content seen on Twitch in the 5 most popular channels, according to The Esports Observer.

So many public and great streamers are key pieces for ‘Fortnite’, which continues to attract players, curious to know what the uproar is. After all, the game is free and you do not lose anything to try.

Additionally, the fact that big streamers from ‘PUBG’, such as Shroud or Dr. Disrespect himself have decided to give the game a chance, brings the game closer to a huge audience that already likes the genre.

When they know they call it luck

For a game to explode in this way is not enough to have a good product, it is also important context and the market in which you launch. It is very rare to see two games encompass such success in the same year, and much of that megaton of Fortnite is due to the context of the current video game industry.

We started with 2017 being the year in which shooters players had been disappointed over and over and over again. ‘Star Wars Battlefront’, ‘CoD WW2’, or ‘Destiny 2’ had been huge disappointments, either by the way of monetizing the games (EA for the love of god) or by what was expected of them. They are games that cover a large number of hours and are usually that redoubt in which to stay each night with your colleagues.

Keep in mind that console players did not have access to the ‘PUBG’ when the fever for the game began and that the genre became hugely popular during the past year. And out of the blue, we have ‘Fortnite: Battle Royale’, a free game, easy to play, with diverse but deep gameplay and available on consoles and PC.

Now we just have to wait for Epic Games to do with the success they have in hand and how they can maintain their other franchises, since they have derived almost all their resources to the development of ‘Fortnite BR’. Your bet on esports will be a good touchstone.