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Urban Youngster

We are a page of culture and entertainment, aimed at young people,
with the focus of keeping them informed about everything related to urban culture.

Providing fresh information on today’s pop culture and the world of entertainment.

We are here to serve the user in each and every one of the doubts that may arise at the moment of going to our page, as soon as we will be resolving and together with our followers updating each information relevant to our page.


Also, dedicating time and space so that our followers of the Anime world can suggest changes and comments that help us grow as a whole of our users, each word that is valid for us will be much appreciated as it helps us as a page to be able to better serve the user.

With this we can say that each of our users are part of us, thanking beforehand that any comment commented on our page will be of great help and that little by little we will grow together with you.

From : YoungDalailama (Urban Youngster Admin)